Target Audience - Mailing List Samples | Qualtrics

View Samples

From the View Samples page, you can create samples, or subsets of mailing lists. These are useful in soft launching your surveys or in A/B testing. Samples can be generated randomly or based on particular conditions that you specify. The conditions available here are the same conditions that are available when searching for contacts, so you have a lot of flexibility here.

Create a Sample

  1. Click “Create New Sample.”
  2. Select the Mailing List you would like to use to generate the sample.
  3. Create a name for your sample.
  4. Specify the maximum size of your sample. The actual size will depend upon how many respondents meet the sample conditions that you specify, if any.

    Qtip: The “Calculator” feature can help you decide the sample size you need based on the number of responses you want and your expected response rate.
  5. If needed, add a Sample Condition and/or Advanced Conditions.
  6. Click “Generate Sample.”

Once you have created a sample, you can edit, delete, or export your sample using the “Actions” dropdown arrow. Similarly, clicking on an existing sample name allows you to see the sample information and to refilter the sample if needed.