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Ticket Admin

Vocalize Administrators can adjust ticket statuses, including adding or removing additional statuses between Open and Closed, and change the names of those statuses. They can also view all tickets, including those not assigned to them or their teams, and delete individual tickets.

Creating Ticket Statuses

  1. Navigate to the Ticket Administration section of Vocalize.
  2. Rename existing fields by directly editing the text.
  3. Add or remove statuses using the plus and minus buttons.

    Qtip: If you delete a status, the system will allow you to reset the status of all affected tickets to the status you choose, so no tickets will be left behind.
  4. Reorder fields by holding down your mouse on the reorder icon to the left of your ticket status and dragging it to the location you want it.
  5. Save your changes by clicking on the Save button.

Deleting Tickets

Using a Single Ticket Viewer in tangent with a Ticket List Viewer, an administrator can delete tickets. These tickets cannot be recovered, so do so carefully! That option can be found in the Status Dropdown of the Single Ticket Viewer.