About Question Options – Advanced


In the Question Options menu, you can perform tasks such as inputting javascript code or setting default choices for your question. To access the Question Options list, either right-click on any question, or select the purple gear box to the left of any selected question.

The following advanced options are available:

  • Add JavaScript: This option allows you to customize your question with JavaScript, a programming language that helps you add interactive features and enhanced functionality to your survey.
  • Add Default Choices: With this option, you can choose an answer to be selected by default when the participant starts the survey.
  • Recode Values: Use this option to change the default coding or variable names for your choices. The coding you set here will be reflected in your reports and raw data and is used to compute all statistics.
  • Add Choice Group: For Multiple Choice questions, use this option to group answer choices for the respondent.

In the following tutorials, you will learn how to use each of these advanced question options. For more information on the other options in this menu, refer to our Basic Question Options tutorials.