About Question Editing

About Question Editing

This page is an overview of editing your questions within Qualtrics. For new users, this page is a great place to start learning the Survey Builder.

With Qualtrics’ question editing tools, you can:
  • Change the look of your questions.
  • Add a graphic to a question or answer choice.
  • Apply logic statements to your questions.

Editing Question Text

When formatting your Question and Answer Choice text, you have four main tools and a conditional one:

  • Rich Text Editor: Found above the text field. Allows you to further edit your text and apply formatting, such as bolding and italics.
  • Piped Text: Opens a drop-down menu that gives options for piping text code into a question. A piped text code allows you to pull text from a question and display it in a following question. It also allows you to display embedded data from your panel in your survey or email message. See the Piped Text page for more details.
  • Normal View: The normal typing view of the question text field.
  • HTML View: Allows you to see and edit the underlying HTML of the question text. It is the equivalent of clicking Source on the Rich Text Editor.
  • Question Labels: When editing question text, a light-colored luggage tag icon is visible at the bottom left corner. Clicking it allows you to type an alternate label for your question. The edited question displays in logic menus and data exports with this label. Since the default setting is to use the existing question text in the menus and downloads, this can be very useful for questions with long question text or questions with text similar to other questions. This label does not display to the survey takers; it is only for your own internal use.
  • Remove Formatting: Removes all formatting tags in the question. This tab only appears if HTML formatting tags are inserted into the question.

Editing Answer Choices

These tools are found in the blue drop-down menu to the right of each answer choice:

  • Allow Text Entry: Puts a text entry box next to the answer choice.
  • Text Entry Validation: Only available if Allow Text Entry has been selected. This allows you to force a response or control what type of content is entered, such as an email address, US phone number or country code.
  • Rich Text Editor: Opens the Rich Text Editor toolbar so you can further format the answer choice text. You can add pictures and videos or just change the size and style of the text.
  • Insert Graphic: Allows you to insert an image into an answer choice.
  • Exclude from Analysis: Will exclude the choice from graphs and tables in your reports. Certain text, like “None of the Above,” will automatically trigger this option. Once enabled, the choice will be marked with a red X.
  • Insert Piped Text: Gives you the ability to pipe text from a survey question, embedded data, panel field, or loop and merge field.
  • Add Display Logic: Allows you to display an answer choice conditionally. Also useful when carrying forward answer choices from multiple questions (Manually enter choices from all source questions, then use Display Logic to determine when the choice should be displayed).
  • Move Up: Moves the choice up one spot.
  • Move Down: Moves the choice down one spot.
  • Remove Choice: Deletes an answer choice. Can also be performed on the keyboard by clicking inside the text box of the answer choice and pressing the Backspace or Delete key until the text is gone and the text box disappears. If you try to delete an answer choice that has data associated with it, you will be warned that deleting the choice could invalidate the results.