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Check Survey Accessibility


When you have disabled respondents who use a screen reader (like JAWS) and you need to be 508 Compliant, it’s important to make sure your survey is accessible as possible. Our Check Survey Accessibility feature diagnoses your survey, indicates which questions are inaccessible, and gives other recommendations for increased accessibility.

Please be advised that survey accessibility is contingent upon a combination of hardware and software, including the use of a modern and supported browser type.

Checking Survey Accessibility

  1. Navigate to the Survey module and click Tools.image05
  2. Click Check Survey Accessibility.image04
  3. Examine the list of potential problems and the recommendations for making your survey more accessible.image03
  4. Click the individual suggestions in the list to have the system jump you to the location in your survey that needs to be changed.
    Qtip: Most suggestions will usually take you to your Survey Options or Look & Feel.
  5. Select Done or Recheck when you are finished with your edits.image02

Question Type Accessibility

Not every question is accessible to screen-reading programs. Below are lists detailing which question types are accessible and which are not.



Requiring Accessible Surveys

Most organizations in Qualtrics are set up to allow survey builders to create non-accessible surveys. An “Allow Non-Accessible Surveys” permission is enabled by default, but an administrator at your organization can disable it. When disabled, an indicator is placed next to each question to designate whether the question is accessible.


  • Green icon: An accessible question (works best with screen reader programs).
  • Red icon: An inaccessible question. A variation of that question type will work better for screen reader programs.

Please contact your Qualtrics Administrator to enable/disable that permission on your account, if needed.