“If you ain’t first, you’re last” – Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights


In Hollywood, the sentiment that there’s no merit to a second-place finish is one that’s often touted by flawed, self-absorbed characters, many of whom end up learning that coming in first isn’t the only thing that matters.


But truth be told, the world of customer service is trending toward a “winner takes all” reality. The “winners” of customer service are the organizations that rigorously elevate the customer experience by promoting attention, interaction, and resolution. Organizations that aren’t focusing on continuously improving the customer experience are at risk of being left behind.


Qualtrics is proud to announce its partnership with Slack, focused on bringing together communication, insights, and action at a never-before-seen pace. Slack is the leading communication platform for efficiency-seeking organizations. This integration allows organizations to be aware of feedback and information, and take action on an accelerated timeline. The core benefits of this integration include the following:


  • Disseminating important feedback and information faster. Rather than sending email notifications that can go unread/unanswered for days, key stakeholders receive instant notification.
  • Coordinating and directing action. Based on how a customer responds to a survey, individuals or channels can be notified. Different conditions and responses can lead to different assignments, ensuring customer feedback gets to the right person or people.
  • Conducting surveys within Slack. Organizations looking to improve internal processes or get immediate feedback on a concept can quickly receive responses by developing a simple survey within Slack and sending it to the entire channel.


Quick Look: Send Survey Responses to Slack

Send Survey Responses to Slack

Quick Look: Create and Send Surveys in Slack

Create Surveys in Slack

Full Video Tutorial



Along with this integration, Slack announced its latest product release of messaging buttons, highlighting Qualtrics as one of its partners. Click here to read the announcement on TechCrunch.


To learn more about the Slack and Qualtrics integration, click here or contact partnerships@qualtrics.com.