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What is a contact list?
A contact list is essentially a mailing list containing information such as email addresses, contact information, or other Embedded Data (age, gender, job title, income, ID numbers, etc.) that can be uploaded into Qualtrics and used in survey distribution and data analysis.

Researchers often purchase the right to survey a contact list from a panel service provider or build their own contact lists for repeated surveys.

How do I import a contact list?
All contact lists must be imported as a CSV file and must contain an Email column. Our Contact List Creation page offers detailed steps on how to correctly import a contact list file.
Why is my contact list not importing?
There are several reasons why your contact list file may not be importing:

  • The file is not saved as a CSV (contact list files need to be in CSV format and not XLXS or anything else).
  • The Email column is missing or is not being recognized.
  • The file is larger than 100 MB.
  • There are values in cells that do not have a column header.
  • There are column headers with no values in the cells beneath them.
How can I add extra information to my contact list (gender, city, department, etc.)?
Extra information (apart from first name, last name, and email) can be stored in your contact list as Embedded Data. Qualtrics will automatically consider any extra columns in your contact list file as Embedded Data. For example, if you add a Gender column to your CSV file and input your contacts’ gender in the cells, this data will be stored within Qualtrics for use in surveys and analysis.
How do I update a contact list?
  1. Click on the gray gear to the right of the contact list you want to update and choose Export List (alternatively, click List Options when you’re on the Contacts Management page).
  2. Set the Format to CSV, Export Embedded Data to Yes, and Subscription Status to whichever group you want to update.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Open the exported file and edit the desired members and/or fields (do not delete the RecipientID column when editing).
  5. Save the file as a CSV and return to your contact list in Qualtrics.
  6. Click on the gray gear (or List Options) and choose Import List.
  7. Drag and drop your saved CSV into the menu or click Browse and select your file.
  8. Click Import Contacts.

Note that contacts can only be updated if the CSV file contains the RecipientID column. For more detailed instructions, visit our Contacts Management page.

Can I add information to a contact list after I have sent out my survey?
Yes, though there are several considerations:

  • If you change the recipient email address, a new email is not sent, but all future emails (new invitations, reminders, etc.) will go to the updated address.
  • If the respondent has already opened their survey, their survey and collected data will not update with the new information. They will have to be sent a new link.
  • If the respondent has not yet opened their survey, their survey will update with the new information.
If I accidentally added the same person in my contact list twice, will they get two emails?
Yes. Each entry in your contact list is treated independently of any other, so if you have the same contact information multiple times, multiple emails will be sent. You can use the Consolidate Duplicates feature to search out and combine multiple entries for the same contact.
If someone unsubscribes from one of my contact lists, will they automatically be unsubscribed from all my other contact lists?
No. Contact lists are independent of each other, so unsubscribing or deleting members from one will not unsubscribe or delete members from another. If you would like this functionality, contact your Qualtrics Account Executive to learn more about our Target Audience product.