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General Survey Options

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About General Survey Options

The General section contains survey options related to the survey’s default language, the title and description displayed in search results, question numbering, and Expert Review.

General section of survey options

Survey Language

By default, surveys use the language specified in your account settings for any default messages that may appear to respondents as they are taking your survey. However, you can change your survey’s language using the dropdown under Survey language.

Survey language dropdown

In addition, some languages like Arabic or Hebrew are read from right to left. Changing the survey language will change the way the survey editor displays the survey questions.

Qtip: All of the default messages will automatically be translated to any language you added when translating the survey. You only need to change the default survey language if you are not adding multiple translations to your survey.

For more information on running a survey in multiple languages, visit our Translations page.

Display Name and Survey Description

Qtip: In the old survey editor, these options are called the survey title and meta description, and appear in the Survey Experience section.
Qtip: The survey’s display name and description can be translated.

In the results of any web search you receive a list of related pages, each with a title and a short description. Similarly, when you post on a social media site such as Facebook, you will see these displayed as a short header and a summary of the link in your post.

A Qualtrics link posted to Facebook

The title of your survey as it appears in web results and on social media posts is the display name, and the description that accompanies this name is the survey description. You can change these settings in survey 0ptions in the fields displayed below.

Fields described

This display name is also displayed as the browser tab title.

Name of a survey on a browser tab

The logo you see with the meta description is called an open graph image. It comes from the logo in your survey theme.

A Qualtrics survey complete with custom logo posted to Facebook

Qtip: Interested in changing the open graph image? It’s included when you create your own theme. You can also request to modify an old theme of yours. See the Branded Themes page on how to submit a theme request.
Qtip: By default, your survey will not be indexed by search engines. However, you can disable this in the Security section of the survey options.

Question Numbers

To the left of each question you will see the question number, which you can use to help identify questions when exporting your survey data and reference questions while working on a survey with others.

By default, these question numbers are not displayed to your respondents, but you can display them to respondents by enabling Question numbers in your survey options.

Question numbers toggle

Question numbers are often turned on in the testing stage of your survey so those reviewing it can give more specific feedback on which questions they would like to see tweaked.

Qtip: To change any question number, simply click on it in the survey editor and type a new number or name.

Question number, e.g., Q2, highlighted in upper-left of a question

You can also renumber many questions at once.

Auto number questions is the first option when you open the tools dropdown along the top of the survey builder

Qtip: Consider using a progress bar rather than question numbers if you wish to give the participant a sense of how far they have come in the survey. The progress bar will fill up as the percentage of the survey completed increases, which can be more meaningful than a question number if the respondent has no idea how many questions are ahead.

Expert Review

Expert review is a digital reviewer for your surveys. It helps a researcher ensure that their surveys collect data of the highest quality. Use this setting to enable or disable this feature. It is enabled by default.

Expert review toggle

See Expert Review Functionality for more details.

Qtip: Expert review can also be accessed by using the button in the upper-right of the Survey tab, as shown below:
Button to open expert review up in the corner of the survey builder, above where you'd edit questions and blocks