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Ticketing Workflow

Outcomes and Ticketing together are a powerful tool to keep track of survey response characteristics live like watching and reacting to Detractors, requests for contacts, etc. They bring customer understanding and responsiveness to real time. Here we will present a basic pre-set up and Outcomes to demonstrate how a normal ticket workflow would run in Ticketing. For set up help, please check our pages at the bottom.

It is important that anyone involved with handling or closing a ticket knows the ticketing process. The steps that go into the ticketing process are as follows:

  1. An individual takes your survey and meets the conditions for an Outcome to be created.
  2. The Outcome creates a ticket in Vocalize and assigns it to an individual or role.
  3. The ticket owner receives an email with the ticket number, the ticket action, and the name of the person who created the outcome.
    F E.1 - 0
  4. Clicking on the link in the email prompts the assignee to log into Vocalize.
    F.1.5 - 2
  5. The assignee clicks on the green Move to In Progress button to change the status of the ticket to In Review.

    Qtip: Ticket Owners can skip the In Progress status by changing it to Closed from the status dropdown.


  6. The assignee can add comments to a ticket or create sub tickets if needed.
  7. If “Show Full Record Button” option is selected on ticket set up, users can see further ticket details, see other tickets, and email respondents from Vocalize
    D.3.9 - 5
    D.3.9 - 6
  8. Upon completion of the ticket, the individual can close the ticket by clicking on the Close Ticket button (Only available if the ticket is already in progress)
    F E.1 - 3

Setting Up Outcomes and Ticketing

To learn more about ticketing in Vocalize, see the following pages: