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Action Notifications

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About Action Notifications

You can set up notifications for when an action fails.

Notifications are sent to your chosen stakeholders both through email and through the in-product feed. They will state the name of the action that failed, which task in the action failed, and contain a link to the Actions Reporting page where you can view more information on the workflow’s status.

Bell icon in upper-right of account clicked. Expanded to show "Workflow failure. Task 1 Webservice in workflow "Post to Site" failed to send

Email notification has same info, but a View Reports link to take you to actions reporting at the end of it

Setting Up Action Notifications

You or users of your choice can be notified when any action fails. You just need to set up the notifications first.

Qtip: If you’re having trouble selecting users, it could be one of the following:

  • Try adjusting the length of your search. Press Enter on your keyboard to force a new search.
  • Search by username.
  • You may not have the permission Access Organization Address Book Please reach out to your Brand Administrator to have this enabled.
  1. Click the bell in the upper-right corner of the action you want to add notifications to, on the far-right of the action’s name.
    Bell icon in upper-right of an action
  2. Click Add a recipient.
    Add a recipient dropdown where we search "Kate" and find a couple of users
  3. Type a name, part of a name, or a user group in the field. Click the result you want to use.
    Qtip: After you select the appropriate user, you will see the email address of the user who will be notified – you can use this information to confirm you’ve made the correct selection.
    Qtip: If the email address for the account is incorrect, a Brand Administrator can edit the email address of the account by following the directions on this page.
  4. Select Notify on failure.
    Only option is Notify on failure
  5. Click Save.
Qtip: You can always return to this menu to remove or edit notifications. Click the trashcan icon to remove the notification.

Getting Notified When a Scheduled Action Succeeds

If you have created a scheduled action, you can be notified when the event succeeds.

Qtip: If you want details on an event-based action that executed successfully, we suggest checking out Actions Reporting instead.
  1. Create a scheduled action.
  2. Click the bell on the upper-right to create a notification.
    Bell icon in upper-right of an action
  3. Select Notify on Success.
    Notifications window is opened. There is now a new column that says "notify on success."