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Dynamic Ticket Assignment

Tickets are usually assigned to static users or teams; however, it is possible to dynamically assign users or teams based on Embedded Data. For dynamically assigned tickets, Qualtrics will first check the following, and then will default onto the Owner field of the Outcome.

  1. Add an Embedded Data to the Survey Flow for the username or role that will be assigned. It will need to be an exact match!Screen1
  2. Add a Ticket Task in an Action and assign an Owner. This Owner will be the default backup in case the user or team cannot be assigned through the Embedded Data.Screen2
  3. Add Ticket Data to the Action named Q_TicketTeam or Q_TicketOwner populated with the Embedded Data you added to the Survey Flow, using the piped text menu to the right.Screen3
  4. Finish editing the Ticket Task and click Save.