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Facebook Messenger Extension

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About Facebook Chat Surveys

Every brand has a Facebook page. It’s one of the most important social media you can use to maintain your brand’s appearance and stay connected with your customers. Qualtrics allows you to integrate your surveys with your brand’s Facebook page, so your brand can seamlessly ask survey questions from right inside Facebook’s Messenger App. With this feature, your brand can send a follow-up survey through chat after a support interaction has been completed.

Connecting Facebook Credentials

Before you can set up your Facebook chat survey, you need to make sure the Facebook account with editing power over the brand page is connected with Qualtrics. You can do this by following the steps below.

Qtip: If you are a Brand Administrator, you can add brand-wide credentials on the Extensions tab of the Admin page. Once this step is completed in the Admin page, every user in the brand who creates a Facebook Messenger Chatbot will have access to the account created.

Accounts added on the Extensions page are accessible to the whole brand; accounts added by a user in the Workflows tab are available only to that user.

  1. Navigate to either the Workflows tab of a survey, or the global Workflows page.
    choosing create a new workflow and then event based
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Choose Event-based.
  4. Select Facebook Messenger.
    the facebook messenger task
  5. Select Facebook Messenger. selecting facebook messenger and clicking next
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Add user account.
    clicking add user account in the top right
  8. Name the account. This doesn’t have to be your username or email address, but a way that helps you identify the account.
    giving the account a name and clicking connect account
  9. Click Connect Account.
  10. If the wrong account displays, choose to Log into another account instead. Otherwise, click Edit Settings.
    clicking edit settings
  11. Determine what pages you want to use this app. This should generally be your brand’s Facebook page.
    choosing the pages to use the bot with and clicking next

    Qtip: See more about Pages on Facebook’s support site.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Make sure both options say Yes.
    enabling the permissions and clicking done

    Qtip: Giving Qualtrics the ability to manage your pages and manage and access page conversations in Messenger simply allows it perform the necessary chat survey functions. Qualtrics will not perform any actions in your account unrelated to the chat survey.
  14. Click Done.
  15. Click Ok.
    clicking ok
  16. You will be redirected to Qualtrics.
Qtip: You can edit your connected account’s name by clicking the pencil icon in the account selection window. To disconnect your account, click the trash can icon. Be careful when deleting accounts, as any plugins using this account will no longer work.the pencil and trash can icons for editing or removing an account

Building a Chat-Compatible Survey

Facebook Chat Surveys use real Qualtrics surveys as a reference for what to ask your customers. Much like with SMS, this extension works by asking survey questions right inside Facebook Messenger, instead of simply sending users a link.

Qtip: This feature will recognize the language the respondent is using to browse Facebook. If you have translated your survey in that language, the user will get the best chat survey for them.

Incompatible Features

Qtip: Make sure your survey does not use these incompatible features, or you will not be able to connect your survey to the extension.
Warning: If you edit a once-compatible survey being used by a Facebook Messenger extension and add features that are incompatible, your chat survey will no longer work.

This list covers all features that are incompatible with surveys embedded in Facebook Messenger. Any feature not listed here can be assumed to be compatible.

  • Text Entry Form and Password Questions
  • Matrix Table Questions
  • Pick, Group, and Rank Questions
  • Sidy by Side Questions
  • Slider Questions
  • Constant Sum Questions
  • Timing Questions
  • File Upload Questions
  • Drill Down Questions
  • Captcha Questions
  • Hot Spot Questions
  • Heat Map Questions
  • Signature Questions
  • Meta Info Questions
  • Highlight Questions
  • Rank Order Questions
  • Table of Contents
  • Reference Surveys
  • Authenticators
  • Default Choices
  • In-Page Display Logic
  • Display and Branch Logic based on Device Type
  • Choice Groups
  • Back Button
  • By Invitation Only
  • Survey Passwords
  • HTTP Referer
  • Prevent multiple submissions
  • Inactive Survey Message
  • End of Survey elements are compatible, but cannot be set to redirect to a URL or display a response summary.

Creating a Workflow in a Survey

Now that you’ve carefully crafted your survey, it’s time to set up an workflow in that survey. This workflow starts integrating the chat survey with your Facebook page.

  1. Navigate to either the Workflows tab of a survey, or the global Workflows page.
    choosing create a new workflow and then event based
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Choose Event-based.
  4. Select Facebook Messenger.
    the facebook messenger task
  5. Select Facebook Messenger. selecting facebook messenger and clicking next
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select the account you want to connect to.
    choosing an account and clicking next

    Qtip: If you don’t see the account you’d like to use, click Add user account.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Choose when you want the workflow to be triggered. This could either be the Conversation start, or the Conversation end.
    choosing the event and page and clicking finish
  10. Choose the page you want the event to be triggered on. This will be the company Facebook page you connected in the first section.
  11. Click Finish.
  12. Click the plus sign ( + ) and select Task.
    clicking the plus sign and then task
  13. Select Facebook Messenger.
    selecting the facebook messenger task
  14. Select Chat survey.
    selecting chat survey and clicking next

    Qtip: The chat survey will create a chatbot survey right inside messenger. If you want to just send a survey link, you can select Survey link instead. When you send a survey link, you also don’t have to worry about survey compatibility.
  15. Click Next.
  16. Choose the same account you chose earlier.
    selecting an account and clicking next
  17. Click Next.
  18. Select the survey you want to connect.
    choosing the survey, denoting a message, and clicking save

    Qtip: This should be the survey you created in the Building a Chat-Compatible Survey section.
  19. Enter the message that introduces your chat survey.
    Qtip: You can use Piped Text in this message using the { a } button.
  20. Click Save.

Final Steps in Facebook Settings

This section covers the final steps to your Facebook chat survey. Return to your Facebook account and go to your brand page’s settings.

  1. Go to your brand page.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Advanced Messaging in the menu to the left.
  4. Under Connected Apps, you’ll see something called Qualtrics Chat Bot.
  5. Click View Permissions.
  6. Change the Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol to Chat Bot.
  7. For Secondary Receiver, make sure Page Inbox is still selected.

What Respondents See

How the chat survey is initiated depends on how you chose the event to be triggered. If you chose Conversation end, then the representative speaking with the customer will need to finish things up and select Mark as Done before the chat survey will be triggered.

If you chose Conversation start, the chat survey will be initiated as soon as the customer messages the brand.

The customer will first be asked if they want to take a survey. If they select yes, they will be asked the questions right in messenger.

Multiple Choice questions will present answers as buttons in the chat that can be clicked, but Text Entry questions will leave an opportunity for the respondent to type their answer in Messenger and send.