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Zapier Extension

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Qtip: If you’re interested in purchasing this extension, check it out on the XM Marketplace!

About the Zapier Extension

Like many developers, Qualtrics has an app available for making “zaps” in Zapier. Zapier is a powerful software that allows you to connect to thousands of other apps, including Google sheets, Facebook, Quickbook, MailChimp, and more. Think of Zapier as a middle-man between Qualtrics and all the incredible software Zapier can connect with.

Example: You import a new contact into Amazon S3. You set up a zap so that when this happens, the contact is also automatically imported into Qualtrics. You make sure contacts are uploaded to a list that’s regularly distributing feedback surveys, ensuring your customers are always in the loop, even across platforms.
Qtip: Because this app is located inside Zapier, not Qualtrics itself, this page is filled with links to Zapier’s support documents. If you need additional help with functions that happen on Zapier, contact Zapier’s support team. If you need help with Qualtrics-specific functions, such as survey creation, search our Support Site, or contact the Qualtrics Support Team.

Connecting Zapier and Qualtrics

If you have purchased access to the Zapier extension, your Customer Success Representative, Implementation specialist, or other Qualtrics representative will send you a link inviting you to use the Qualtrics App on Zapier.

  1. Search for the Qualtrics app in Zapier.
  2. Build a zap.
  3. Add a Qualtrics trigger or action to your zap.
    Zapier is open. blue continue button in bottom-right
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Click Connect an Account to log into your Qualtrics account.
    Gray connect to an account button in the middle
  6. Enter your User ID.
    Fields in zapier for connecting to an account
  7. Enter your Organization ID.
  8. Enter your API Token.
    Warning: If you already have an API token in your Qualtrics account, be careful that you do not generate a new one!
  9. Add your Pool ID.
    Final fields and peach button to complete form at the bottom

    Qtip: You cannot connect your Qualtrics account to Zapier unless you have XM Directory or the New Contacts. You will know if you have one of these features because you will be able to retrieve the Pool ID from the URL.
  10. When ready to sync, click Yes, Continue.

Types of Triggers

There is currently one Qualtrics event that can act as a trigger in Zapier: the submission of a survey response.

If you are curious about survey-building, check out our support pages on the Survey Platform, such as:

Types of Actions

Zapier can currently complete three kinds of actions through the Qualtrics app:

Click on the name of an action above to learn how the feature works in Qualtrics, independent of Zapier.