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Publishing, Versions, & ExpertReview (EX)

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Qtip: Many links on this page link back to pages regarding standard Qualtrics surveys, not just Employee Engagement or Lifecycle surveys. Detailed below are the differences you will need to be aware of on each page. While some content may look slightly different when creating your Employee Engagement or Lifecycle survey, feature functionality remains the same.
Qtip: This page describes functionality available to Engagement, Lifecycle, and Ad Hoc Employee Research projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

Employee Project Publishing

Publishing is a vital step in editing an active project, since it determines the edits that are live to your participants.

When you publish a project for the very first time, you are not activating the project. The project will not be truly activated until you distribute it to participants, generate an org hierarchy, or manually activate it on the Projects page. However, it is still important to publish, so your edits get pushed to the live links you will generate later.

Publishing an EmployeeXM project for the first time also does not give you an Anonymous Link to distribute the project with.

Other than these two differences, publishing is the same in EmployeeXM as it is in the Survey Platform. See the following pages for more details:

Project Versions

Versions allow you to save multiple iterations of your project. You can preview or even restore old versions of your project at your convenience.

This feature is exactly the same in EmployeeXM as it is in the Survey Platform. To learn more, check out the following pages:


ExpertReview is a digital reviewer for your surveys. It helps a researcher ensure that their surveys collect data of the highest quality.

ExpertReview works the same in the Survey Platform as it does in EmployeeXM. To learn more about ExpertReview, see the following pages: