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Generating Test Responses


If you want to see how your dataset or reports will look before sending out your survey, you can generate random dummy data through the Generate Test Responses feature. You can find this feature in the Tools menu of the Survey module.

Qtip: Test responses generated through this feature do not count toward any response limit on your license.

Generating Test Responses

  1. Navigate to the Survey module and click Tools.
  2. Select Test Survey.
  3. Enter how many test responses you would like to generate.
  4. If desired, click Options and select any additional parameters you want to include.
  5. Click Start Test to generate the responses.

After waiting for your test to be completed, you will be shown a list of the test iterations, along with a Survey Test Summary. This summary includes a number count of test iterations, saved responses, and average questions per test.

Testing Options

The Options menu in the Test Survey window allows you to enable the following items:

  • Allow unanswered questions: Permit the test generator to leave questions unanswered at random. Do not enable this if you have Force Response on any of your questions.
  • Show verbose output: Show more details concerning each test iteration, including which questions and blocks were tested, which order the questions were displayed in, and whether randomization was applied.
  • Additional URL parameters: Enter parameters as if you were appending them to the end of the survey link. For example, you could set an Embedded Data field value for your test responses by entering State=Utah&City=Provo. This option can also be used to answer test survey questions in a specific way by using the Q_PopulateResponse parameter.

Deleting Test Responses

  1. Navigate to the Data & Analysis module and click Tools.
  2. Hover over Delete Data and select Survey Tests.
  3. Select the I am sure I want to delete responses checkbox and click Delete all survey tests.

Other Features and Test Data

The following are other items to consider when using Generate Test Responses.