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Gauge Chart


Gauge Charts can help you quickly determine how a given question or response field is performing versus how it is expected to perform. With a Gauge Chart, you choose a data source and then select an aggregate metric you want to evaluate (mean, sum, etc.). The visualization displays that metric along a scale that changes color according to where your metric falls.


Customization Options

There are two main customization options for Gauge Chart visualizations: the value ranges and the corresponding colors. These are found in the visualization Editing Pane, located to the far right.


Value Ranges

When setting up your Gauge Chart, you’ll first want to set your Min and Max values. What is the lowest value your metric could be? What is the highest?


Once you’ve set those values, you can then create all the ranges that are relevant for your Gauge Chart. By default, your Gauge Chart will have three ranges for you (Min to mid-low value, mid-low to mid-high, and mid-high to Max), but you can add or delete values by clicking the plus and minus signs to the right of the ranges.


Range Colors

Each value range for your Gauge Chart has an associated color. You can tell which color is associated with which range by looking at the Editing Pane.

The Gauge Chart will display in red if the NPS® Score falls between 0 and 30. It currently displays as blue since the score is between 30 and 70.

To change the color for a given range, click the color dropdown and select a new color.