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Pie Chart


Pie Charts allow you to visualize how your answer choices or field values for a given data source compare to each other as components of a whole. The possible answer choice options are each represented as a “slice” of a pie, and each option takes up a width of space proportional to how many respondents selected or were assigned the value.


Customization Options

There are four main customization areas for Pie Chart visualizations. These are found in the visualization Editing Pane, located to the far right.

All Options

Inner Radius

The Inner Radius setting controls what percentage of the center of the Pie Chart should be empty. By default, this is set to 70%, but you can change this from anywhere between 0% to 99%.

Inner Radius

Show As Percentages

By default, percentages are used to show how much of the Pie Chart each answer option takes up.

Show as percentages

If desired though, you can disable the Show As Percentages option and display the response counts instead.

arrow number

Axis Values

Whenever you apply a Breakout to a Pie Chart, the visualization is broken into several different pies, one for each of the Breakout options (or “axis values”). You can edit the text of these values by clicking directly into the textbox for the name and entering the new name.

Axis Values

Legend Values

You have a variety of options concerning the answer names (or “legend values”), including the following:

  • Change the legend value text by clicking directly into the textbox for the name and entering the new name.Legend
  • Adjust the color of the option by clicking directly on the color box to the left of the value and selecting a new color.hexcolors
  • Change the order the values appear in the visualization by clicking to the left of a value and dragging it to its desired position.Drag and Drop
  • Hide values from the visualization by deselecting the checkbox to the left of the value.Last one