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Consolidating Your Duplicate Contacts

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About Consolidating Your Duplicate Contacts

XM Directory allows you to set up consolidation rules for your directory so that newly added contacts are automatically compared against existing contacts to see if there are any duplicates. If the contact already exists, a new contact will not be created with the same information as another. Instead, the existing directory contact will be updated with any new information you have added, such as new or updated embedded data values.

You can also consolidate existing duplicates that already exist in your directory.

Qtip: Access to the Directory Settings tab requires the Manage Directory permission. Talk to your Brand Administrator if you’re interested in getting access to this setting.

Setting Up Automatic Consolidation

You can set up automatic consolidation rules that apply to all newly added contacts. When new contacts are added to your directory, their values for your chosen fields will be compared against existing contacts; if the values match an existing contact, the contacts will be consolidated. If the values do not match an existing contact, then a new contact will be created.

Qtip: Selecting multiple fields for deduplication does not mean XM Directory looks at one or the other; it means all fields must match before duplicate contacts are combined. For example, if you want to duplicate by first and last name, Jane Smith and Jane Doe won’t be combined, but multiple contacts named Jane Doe will.
  1. Navigate to Directory Settings.
    setting up automatic consolidation rules for new contacts
  2. Select Consolidate your contacts.
  3. Choose one or more of the following contact attributes to begin deduplicating by:
    • Email
    • Phone
    • External data reference
  4. If desired, select one or more of the additional attributes to deduplicate by. These are optional.
    • First name
    • Last name
  5. When finished, click Consolidate.
Attention: These settings are not retroactive. Only contacts uploaded to the directory after these settings are saved will be deduplicated. If you need to deduplicate contacts that are already in your directory, see consolidating existing contacts. You can also consolidate contacts using consolidate duplicates in directory options.

Consolidating Existing Contacts

If needed, you can apply the same consolidation rules to your existing contacts. We recommend performing this manual consolidation every time you change your directory consolidation rules.

  1. Navigate to Directory Settings.
    consolidating contacts manually
  2. Click Consolidate your contacts.
  3. Review your consolidation rules to make sure you’re consolidating based on your desired fields.
  4. Enable the Apply your selections above to existing contacts too checkbox.
  5. Click Consolidate.

After clicking Consolidate, Qualtrics will consolidate any duplicate contacts in your directory based on your specified rules. The run time can vary depending on the number of contacts in your directory. You can consolidate up to 100,000 duplicate contacts at once using this method. You can view the status of the job by clicking the toolbox at the top of the page.
checking the status of the consolidation by clicking the toolbox in the upper right

Note that when existing contacts are consolidated using this method, the following contact attributes will keep the newest value for the consolidated contact:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • All embedded data fields.