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Field Recode Values


Vocalize allows administrators to recode data on the Dashboard Data page. This allows users to group data or change how it appears in Vocalize. Recoding values in Vocalize does not affect your surveys or data in Research Suite at all.

Recoding Fields

  1. In your Dashboard Data, click on the Recode Value button.
    A.1.10 - 1
  2. Change the recode values for any of the labels.
    A.1.10 - 2
  3. Click Save.
    A.1.10 - 3

    Qtip: Only Text Sets, Multiple-Answer Text Sets, and Number Sets can be recoded.

Grouping Fields

One of the most common use cases for recoding values is to group similar choice options together. For example, you may want to group Very Satisfied with Satisfied for a specific question in your survey.
A.1.10 - 4

Cleaning Up Data

Another use case for recoding values is for cleaning up and consolidating inconsistent data. For example, if some of your values for a “Tier” embedded data field are “G” and some are “Gold” and some are “gold,” Vocalize will interpret these as 3 different values. You can correct or group these inconsistent values by recoding them all to “Gold.”
A.1.10 - 5

Alternatively if your “Tier” embedded data field had values of “G,” “S,” and “P” you may want to recode them to be “Gold,” “Silver,” and “Platinum” to make them clearer to users.
A.1.10 - 6