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Action Plan Item Summary Widget (EX)

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Qtip: This page describes functionality available to Engagement and Lifecycle projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

About Action Plan Item Summary Widgets

The action plan item summary widget displays all the action plans created on your dashboard using the action planning editor widget. The action plan item summary widget displays actionable items, the number of plans created, and the average completion percentage of the plans. You can also drill into any item to see the individual action plans assigned to it.

Attention: Lifecycle has action planning, but no hierarchies or hierarchy-based data restrictions. That means that when reporting on action plans in a Lifecycle project, this data is not restricted by place in the hierarchy, and so every user with access to action planning will see this data. As such, be careful who you give access to action planning.
Qtip: Action plan item summary widgets can not be exported on their own. Instead, try exporting the dashboard page.

Key Metrics

An example of an Action Plan Item Summary widget

The action plan item summary contains the following metrics:

  • Item: A list of items for which it’s possible to have an action plan. These items are questions and categories set up in your project. Questions and categories can be added to the list of items available for action planning or removed on the Action Plans section of the dashboard settings.
  • Action Plans: The number of action plans created for a given item. This includes action plans that are closed or marked as 100%.
  • Percentage: This is the progress of action plans for a given item. It is based off the percent progress that is set for each individual action plan on the action planning editor widget. If there are multiple plans for an item, this column will calculate the mean percentage. The percentage marked on sub-tasks is ignored.
    Example: Compassion has two action plans. One task is marked as 100%, and the other is marked as 0%. The percentage column for Compassion would say 50%.
Qtip: When you click on a column header, you can sort the widget by that key metric.

Previewing Action Plans

In addition to providing a general summary of completion, the action plan item summary also provides the ability to preview your action plans themselves. However, this function is for previewing only; no edits can be made here and must be made on the action planning editor widget instead.

  1. Click the arrow next to an item to view associated action plans.
    An action plan expanded in the widget to show Due Date, Status, and Progress details
  2. Each action plan has a due date, status, and progress (percentage), which are set in the action planning editor widget.
  3. Click the action plan’s name to bring up a popup window containing several key pieces of information about the action plan. All information set in the action planning editor widget will display here, except for any sub-tasks you have created for the action plan.
    Action plan opened in a window
Qtip: Sub-tasks are not included anywhere in the action plan item summary.