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Responses in Progress (EX)

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Qtip: This page describes functionality available to Engagement, Lifecycle, and Ad Hoc Employee Research projects. For more details on each, see Types of Employee Experience Projects.

About Responses in Progress

Responses in progress are responses that have been started but not submitted. Responses in Progress become recorded responses when:

  • A respondent submits a survey
  • A survey is manually closed from the Responses in Progress page
  • A survey or survey session expires

While still in Responses in Progress, you can view, close, or delete these responses.

You can view your responses in progress by going to the Data & Analysis tab and selecting Responses in Progress on the right.

Differences from the Survey Platform

It is important to note that surveys constructed in the Survey Platform are distributed differently from EmployeeXM surveys, and this affects some of the information regarding responses in progress.

In the Viewing Responses in Progress section, it’s important to note that the First Name, Last Name, Email, and External Reference fields are not relevant because they refer to the fields as they are recorded in the Survey Platform contact lists. Although similarly named, these fields do not populate with EmployeeXM participant name and email.

You can also ignore the section on the support page about Setting When a Response is Recognized because it concerns the Survey Platform emailer.

However, under the Closing Responses in Progress section, the Attention at the very top is still relevant to EmployeeXM. For controlling how long a respondent has to go back and finish their response in progress, and whether responses in progress are eventually recorded or deleted, see the Incomplete Survey Responses support page.

Attention: If a response in progress meets both of the following conditions, then it will be deleted regardless of your incomplete survey response settings:

  • The response in progress is for a participant in your project who has already submitted a response.
  • Your project does not have the multiple responses settings enabled.

Closing, Deleting, and Managing Responses in Progress

The following processes are the same in the Survey Platform as they are in EmployeeXM, unless otherwise detailed above. Click on the linked pages to read the step-by-step process.