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Relay Creative


Relays are versatile attention-grabbers can be used for displaying a variety of messages, including notices, advertisements, invitations, or special offers.

This Relay is used to provide a notice to visitors before continuing to the next page.

Similar to the PopOver Creative, the Relay pauses the visitor’s experience on your website and they must interact with the Relay before they can continue their visit. Unlike the PopOver, the Relay allows you to use the whole page to display content.

How it Works

The Relay Creative starts with a background that overlays your entire page’s content.

Relay Considerations

As with all website content, there are pros and cons to using a Relay. Take the following considerations into account when deciding if this is the right Creative for your project:

  • More accurate sample: If you’re looking to get website feedback, other less visible Creatives such as a Feedback Link tend to attract those with strong opinions looking for an outlet. A Relay, on the other hand, requires action from each visitor that qualifies. For keeping a general site satisfaction score, feedback received through a Relay tends to be more balanced and representative.
  • Higher click-through rates: Because of their interruptive nature, Relays may lead to a higher click-through rate than other less visible or interruptive Creatives.
  • Change in website behavior: Because Relays are so prominent, they may impact visitors’ behavior. Consider an eCommerce site –– a Relay offering a limited-time discount can increase revenue. However, a Relay on the checkout page inviting them to take a survey may distract them from finalizing their purchase.

Setting Up Your Relay

For help creating your Relay, refer to the Editing Creatives page. The following settings are unique to Relays and are available in the Change Options section.


Display After

Specify the number of seconds to wait before triggering your Relay to appear. Note that this waiting time is in addition to any time requirement you may have set in your Intercept conditions.


Qtip: Delaying the Relay may result in a jarring interruption for the visitor. Before adding a few seconds of delay, consider if you’d like to give the visitor a chance to get oriented or if you’d like to target them immediately.

Close After

Specify the number of seconds to display the Relay before automatically closing it. This starts counting from the time the Relay is displayed on the page. When left at 0 seconds, the Relay will remain open until the visitor clicks on the Target or closes the Relay.


Qtip: This option is great in most cases, but be careful if your Creative has interactive content embedded directly on it. For example, if there is a survey directly in the Relay, you wouldn’t want to automatically close the Relay while the participant is responding!