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Intercept Display Options


Each Intercept you create will have a set of general display options found by clicking Change Options along the top of the Intercept Editor.

In this support page, you will learn about the Sampling, Prevent Repeated Display, and Randomization options available here.

Intercept Display Options

Display Sample Rate

By setting a sample rate here, you can specify what percentage of visitors that qualify for an action will be presented a Creative. If sample rates are specified within the Site Intercept code itself or within an individual action, the sampling will be compounded.

For example:

Zone Code Sample Rate
Intercept Display Sample Rate
Action Sample Rate
Actual Sample Rate
5% = 50% * 50% * 20%

Prevent Repeated Display and Cookie Domain

Once a visitor has seen a Creative, Prevent Repeated Display will prevent this Intercept from running again for them for the time period you specify.

Qtip: This feature uses a session cookie to track whether display should be prevented in subsequent visits. These are temporary cookie files, which are erased when you quit your browser.

By default, this cookie is specific to the domain or subdomain the visitor was on. For example, would track Prevent Repeated Display independently from If you would like to specify that this cookie be saved site-wide, or if you would like it saved on a specific subdomain, you can specify the Cookie Domain. For example, we could set a Cookie Domain of to ensure Prevent Repeated Display is applied site-wide rather being specific to a subdomain like or

Randomize Action Set

By default, this option is disabled and visitors will see the first action they qualify for. This is useful if you’d like to prioritize actions according to how they’re ordered in the Intercept editor.

With the Randomize Action Set box checked, Site Intercept will take all the actions the visitor qualifies for and randomly run one of them. This can be appropriate for A/B testing different versions of a Creative to see which is most effective.

Weighted Action Sets

After enabling Weighted Action Sets, you’ll need to go back to the Edit Intercept page to divvy out the weighting. By weighting each action set, you’ll be able to breakdown how frequently each action set is presented. The total for this weighting should always equal 100%.

Display Intercept

  • On Load: As soon as a page has finished loading, the intercept will display if the logic conditions on the intercept are met.
  • On Focus: As soon as a page has fully loaded, and the visitor is viewing the page, the intercept will be able to display.
  • On Exit Intent: The intercept will be able to display as soon as the visitor has moved their cursor outside of the viewing area of the browser. This includes the area of the browser above the viewing window, and areas on the viewing screen outside of the browser if the browser is not being viewed at full screen.

In the above image, the intercept will be triggered if the cursor moves into the highlighted area if On Exit Intent is selected.

  • Manually: The intercept is not able to display unless prompted by the JavaScript command