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Manage Directory Duplicates


The Deduplication tool, found in Organization Settings under the Administration tab, allows for automatic deduplication as respondents are uploaded into Target Audience. However, if you already have duplicates inside Target Audience, you will have to manage them manually.

It is possible to manage duplicates at either the Directory or Mailing List levels, depending on whether you’d like to search and consolidate duplicates across your entire organization or just across a specific mailing list.

Merge duplicate respondents

  1. Select from the dropdown menu the field(s) you would like to check for duplicates.
  2. Select “Find Duplicates.”
  3. If duplicates appear, you can choose to Auto Resolve them or to merge the respondents individually.

Merge contacts individually

  1. Select “Consolidate Duplicates” next to the set up duplicates that you would like to merge.
  2. For each field, select the variant that you wish to save.
  3. Click “Save.”

Auto Resolve duplicates

  1. Select “Auto Resolve.”
  2. For each field, select whether you would like to:
    • Use Oldest – uses the value from the oldest contact
    • Use Newest – uses the value from the newest contact
    • Use Smart – uses the most commonly found value or, where all values are unique, the newest contact’s value
    • Manually – will not auto merge; will require manually resolving the contact later
  3. Select “Consolidate Duplicates.”

    Qtip: If you use multiple fields to check for duplicates, only contacts with duplicate values in all selected fields will be returned in your search.