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Drill-Down data types also allow you to organize and manage hierarchical information so that individuals can easily filter entire groups or subgroups without selecting dozens of options (e.g., you can select all of the cities in California by selecting California at the state level rather than going through and selecting every city by hand).

Be aware that Vocalize will automatically set up hierarchies based on the data in your source. You do not have to take the time to set up those relationships in Vocalize. However, if your data has incorrect relationships (e.g., Seattle as a City in California and in Washington), Vocalize will show both options.

This flexibility makes it very easy to quickly compare two groups of data or dive deep into a group to see what your clients are saying.

Setting up Drill Down Fields

  1. In your Dashboard Data, click on the Add Field button.
    A.1.8 - 1

    Qtip: The order in which you put the fields will determine how they will show up in your filters.
  2. Change the Field Type to Drill Down.
    A.1.8 - 2

    Qtip: Drill down fields need to be Text Sets or Multiple Answer Text Sets.
  3. Add fields nested inside the Drill Down in the order that individuals will be using them (e.g., country, state then city).
    A.1.8 - 3