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Heat Map Plot


The Heat Map visualization is a graphical representation of data collected from a Heat Map question. The coordinates respondents selected are overlaid across the graphic as colored areas, with the color indicating the frequency of respondents’ selections. The redder the area, the more respondents chose that coordinate.


Qtip: If your Heat Map question has regions applied, you can view your region selection data in a Bar Chart or related format.

Customization Options

There are three main customization options for Heat Map visualizations:

  • Radius: Determine the number of pixels a selected coordinate should color and affect.
  • Blur: Determine the number of pixels used to transition from one color to another.
  • Block Mode: Force data into a grid (note that while in this mode, Radius changes the size of the grid and Blur has no effect).

These options are found in the visualization Editing Pane, located to the far right.


Region Visualizations

The following are the visualization types available if you have added regions to your heat map questions:

Simple Table

Bar Chart

Line Chart

Pie Chart

Breakdown Bar