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Online Panels

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Attention: This feature is currently only available to customers on academic licenses. If you have questions about what’s included in your license, contact your Qualtrics Account Executive.

About Online Panel Distributions

The Online Panel distribution feature allows you to send your survey to a targeted population of respondents. Using a focused research panel can help you collect the relevant data for your research. You can target respondents based on demographic information such as race, location, age, gender, or ethnicity. Learn more about research panels here.

Qtip: This feature is only available to users who’ve purchased a panel through our Research Services team. To request a custom quote for your research needs, contact our team here.

Distributing via Online Panels

  1. Navigate to the Distributions tab and select Online Panel. image of the distributions tab with the online panel and create panel buttons highlighted
  2. Click Create panel.
    Qtip: If the Create panel button is greyed-out, you haven’t purchased a panel. Contact our panels team to request a quote for a panel.
  3. Select the panel you want to survey. image of the create panel screen for distributing via a panel
  4. Enter the number of participants you want to survey.
  5. If desired, view the demographic breakdown of your panel.
  6. Select the desired distribution type. You can distribute a one time invite or schedule waves of distributions.
  7. Customize the sending conditions of the distribution. These options will depend on the selected distribution type. For information about each distribution type and their customization options, see the Distribution Types section.
  8. Click Distribute to schedule your distribution.

Distribution Types

The Online Panel Distribution allows you to send your survey in multiple ways. Below is an explanation of the different distribution types.

One Time Distribution

the customization options available for a one time distribution

One time distributions are useful when you want to send an invite to your selected number of respondents all at once. With a one time distribution, you can customize the following options:

  • Duration: How long the survey links are valid. You may select one week, one month, three months, or six months.
  • When to send: When the distribution will send to your respondents.

Wave Based Distribution

image of the wave based distribution settings

Wave based distributions should be used when you want to send your survey to your respondents in batches. With a wave based distribution, you can customize the following options:

  • Wave frequency: How frequently the invitations send. You can set waves to send weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.
  • Number of waves: The number of batches of invitations that will send.
  • When to send: When the first wave will send.
Qtip: Each wave in your wave based distribution will send to the number of respondents specified when creating your distribution. If you select to distribute to 100 respondents and create 3 waves, then a total of 300 respondents will be surveyed.

Managing Online Panel Distributions

image of the online panel distributions management screen with the available data highlighted

Once you’ve distributed your survey via Online Panels, you’ll be able to see and manage all of your distributions. Below you’ll find explanations about the information available to you.

  • Status: The sending status of the distribution.
  • Sent to: The name of the panel being surveyed.
  • Send Date: The date the distribution is scheduled to be sent.
  • Responses: The number of responses collected for this distribution.
  • Wave: If using a wave based distribution, this will show the wave number of the distribution.

In addition to seeing key statistics about your distributions, you have a few options to manage your distributions. To access these options, use the Actions drop down to the right of the distribution. You can cancel a distribution before it’s sent, view a distribution after it’s sent, or halt a distribution that’s in the process of sending.

image of the actions dropdown for online panel distributions