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XM Essentials 3: Stir Up Your Questions

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Editing Project Dogfood

Moksh and Naman used a few common words (like 50 cents and 2 dollars) in an important multiple-choice question. I suggested switching to a currency format, like $0.50 and $2. I added, “We can even add a few new pricing alternatives like $1.50.”  They agreed, but asked, “How do you change things after Qualtrics saves?”

“It’s easy,” I said. “I’ll show you six simple skills that will have you editing surveys like a professional.” And with that, we started to clean the survey up a bit.

Try It!

Exercise D: Deleting, Editing, & Adding Choice Text

Qtip: Open the question created in step 3 of XM Essentials 2: Adding New Ingredients to practice making choice text edits in the steps to follow.
  1. Click into each answer field. Highlight the choice text, delete it, and replace the values as follows:
    editing the question answer choices

    • Change the Click to write Choice 1 to I don’t like lemonade.
    • Change the Click to write Choice 2 to $0.50.
    • Change the Click to write Choice 3 to $1.
    • Change the Click to write Choice 4 to $2.
  2. Click the plus sign ( + ) under Number of choices in the question editing pane to increase the number of choices from 4 to 5.
    changing the number of choices to 5 and adding the new choice
  3. Enter $ 1.50 in the new answer field.

Exercise E: Moving & Removing Choices

Qtip: Let’s move answers around so they make more sense. In this case, we want the price to increase as the respondent scans down the choices.
  1. Click the dropdown to the right of the $1.50 answer field and choose Move Up from the menu.
    choosing move up in the answer choice menu
  2. Click the $0.50 field and simply delete the text (or click the dropdown next to the field and select Remove Choice).
    choosing remove choice in the answer choice menu
  3. Click the dropdown to the right of the “I don’t like lemonade” answer field and choose Move Down from the menu. Click this until the choice appears at the bottom of the list.selecting the move down option in the answer choice options menu
Qtip: If you’ve already collected data for an answer choice, removing or changing that answer will remove or change the data. Albeit, sometimes you have to make last-minute changes! See the Editing Active Surveys support page for details on how late changes may impact your data.

Liven Things Up

The boys think their survey will get more traction if the questions have some pop and color. You can add images, highlight text, insert tables, and modify font colors, sizes, and types using the Rich Content Editor.

Try It!

Exercise F: Formatting Text with the Rich Content Editor 

  1. Click into the question text box.
    editing the question text and clicking rich content editor
  2. Click the Rich Content Editor button.
  3. Select your text and apply any formatting you wish.
    editing the question text and clicking more

    Qtip: Add simple effects from the toolbar, such as changing the font or font size, or adding bolding or italics.
  4. Click the More button to reveal a second toolbar and add additional effects (e.g., changing font colors, adding bullets, inserting tables, adding links, or shifting the justification to the left, right, or center).
  5. Click the clear text formatting button ( Tx ) to strip your formatting; for example, if you’ve made a mess of things and need to return to the default font and start over.
    the strip formatting buttom
  6. Apply rich text to any answer choice by clicking the down arrow next to each choice and picking Rich Content Editor from the menu.
    selecting rich content editor in the answer choice menu
Qtip: Don’t want to edit questions one by one?  You can edit your survey’s theme and change all the fonts at once. See the Look & feel support page for more information. Note that any rich text you add to an individual question will override the overall Look & feel settings.

Exercise G: Adding a Demographic Question with Suggested Choices

Qtip: To cut down on the amount of time you spend building a survey, Qualtrics has certain answers saved ahead of time so that you don’t have to write them all yourself.
  1. Add another question by clicking the blue plus (+) sign or selecting the Add new question button.
    adding a new question
  2. Enter How old are you? in the question text box.
    changing the question text and enabling suggested chioces
  3. Check the Use suggested choices box and the default choices will be added.
  4. To change the choice text wording, click the dropdown arrow and scroll down the options. Choose Age. (Default demographic age groups will be applied automatically.)
    changing the suggested choices to age

Exercise H: Copying Questions & Changing Suggested Options

  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of question you want to copy (e.g., the age question from Exercise G).
    using the question options menu to copy the question
  2. Choose Copy.
  3. Click the dropdown menu next to the suggested choices and choose Unhappy – Happy. (This will populate your choices from Extremely happy to Extremely unhappy.)
    changing the suggested choices to unhappy - happy and then editing the question text
  4. In the copied question, change the question text to the following: How happy are you with your current summertime drink choices?

Continue to play with the suggested choices, moving the number of answer choices up to 7 to see how the suggested choice options change. Now try to move the choices down to 3. Notice how the question defaults to 5 choices, minimum.

Qtip: Try other options, such as Bad – Good or Worse – Better.

Exercise I: Moving Questions Up & Down

  1. Move question 3 above question 1 (i.e., to the top of the survey) by clicking the question when your mouse forms a four-sided arrow and drag the question to the top of the question block.
    clicking and dragging the question to move it
  2. To move questions in a longer survey without repeatedly clicking the arrows, click the three dots in the top right corner of the question and choose Move question.
    selecting move question in the question options menu
  3. Use the pop-up window to choose where to move the question. You can choose the top or bottom of the block, or before or after any question in your survey.
    choosing where to move the question

What’s Next?

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