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Qualtrics allows for integrations with third party customer relationships management (CRM) systems. Integration options include Qualtrics API, Marketo integration, Salesforce integration and Tableau Integration. You can either use a pre-built integration (e.g., Marketo or Salesforce integration) or customize your own integration to your CRM system using our Qualtrics API.

Qtip: Integrations are not included in a standard license. For more information about upgrading your license to include integrations, please contact your Qualtrics Account Executive.

API Integration

The Qualtrics API can be used to automate repetitive processes inside of Qualtrics or to send information to or from a CRM system. With API, a Brand Administrator could automate the account creation process rather than create a thousand accounts individually. Similarly, a user can automate contact list creation rather than manually compile and import contact lists.

For more information about Qualtrics API integration possibilities, visit our Qualtrics REST API page.

Attention: API integrations may require programming knowledge to implement. Our support team does not offer assistance or consultation on custom coding. If you’d like to know more about our custom coding services, please contact your Qualtrics Account Executive.

Marketo Integration

The Marketo integration allows you to generate unique survey links for a Marketo List from within Qualtrics. The unique survey links will be generated and then inserted into the chosen Lead Field inside of Marketo.

For more information about the Marketo integration setup, visit our Marketo Integration page.

Attention: To initiate this integration between Qualtrics and Marketo, the user must have administrative access in Marketo.

Salesforce Integration

You can use the Salesforce integration to update fields inside of objects in your Salesforce instance, trigger an email containing a survey (depending on changes inside of your Salesforce instance), or batch send surveys to records inside of your Salesforce instance.

Qtip: To batch send surveys to records inside of Salesforce, you must download the Qualtrics App inside of the Salesforce App Exchange.

For more information about the Salesforce integration, visit our Salesforce Integration page.

Tableau Integration

Integrating Qualtrics with Tableau gives you the ability to fully automate the flow of Qualtrics survey data into the Tableau platform. Each survey within your Qualtrics account can be linked to your Tableau account as a data source to be analyzed and manipulated as desired.

For more information about the Tableau integration, visit our Tableau Integration page.