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Data & Analysis

How do I filter my responses?
  1. Click Add Filter.
  2. Choose the filter criteria and fill out necessary follow-up condition fields.
  3. Click the plus sign to add additional conditions.
  4. View your filtered responses.
  5. Click the minus sign to the right of a filter to remove that filter.

For more information, visit our Filtering Results support page.

How can I export an individual response report to PDF? Is it possible to download them all at once?
To export an individual response, click on the Actions dropdown next to the desired response and choose Export to PDF.

Unfortunately, exporting all individual responses to PDF at once is not possible. However, you can export all of your responses to a variety of formats (CSV, SPSS, etc.) by using our Export Data feature.

What responses actually count toward my license (auditable responses)?
Auditable responses are any Completed Responses that are not Survey Previews, Survey Tests, or Imported Responses. Completed Responses include finished surveys and partial surveys that were moved out of Responses in Progress and recorded. If you ever want to view the number of auditable responses you’ve used, go to Account Settings > Account Usage.
How do I delete my preview responses or test responses?
  1. Click Add Filter.
  2. Hover over Survey Metadata and choose Response Type.
  3. Select Operator and choose Is.
  4. Click Select Operand and choose the response types you want to delete.
  5. Select all responses.
  6. Click With Selected and choose Delete.
  7. Select the checkbox for I am sure I want to delete responses.
  8. Click Delete Responses.

Note that “Survey Tests” refers to entries generated by the Generate Test Responses feature and does not refer to surveys submitted during live testing.

How do I set which columns show in my response viewer?
  1. Click Tools and hover over Choose Columns.
  2. Select the columns you want to show and deselect columns you want to hide.

To learn more about column options, visit our Completed Responses page.

How do I edit my columns?
You can edit values in custom columns by clicking Tools and selecting Edit Custom Columns. You can also select the checkbox for the responses you want to edit and click With Selected > Edit.

Note that you can only edit content in custom columns. Question answers, Embedded Data set in the Survey Flow, and survey metadata are not editable.

Can a participant retake their survey?
Yes, a participant can retake their survey if they are sent a Retake Survey link. To generate a Retake Survey link,

  1. Find the response you want to issue a Retake Survey link for.
  2. Click the Actions dropdown to the right of the response.
  3. Select the Retake Survey link type.
  4. Copy the URL of the window that opens and send it to your participant.

Note that in Retake Survey links, all of the participant’s original answers are prepopulated. If new questions have been added to the survey in the meantime, those questions will be blank.

What is the difference between Retake Survey and Retake Survey as New Response?
With Retake Survey, the edited survey responses replace the participant’s original responses (so after the Retake session is submitted, the original survey session is deleted).

With Retake Survey as New Response, the edited survey responses are saved in addition to the original responses.

What is the difference between downloading the data as numeric values and downloading as choice text?
Numeric values are the recode values associated with each answer choice option in a question. Because many analyses are easier to perform on numbers than on text, downloading your data as numeric values is the default (note that text entry question responses will still download as text).

Choice text is the answer choice text participants see when they take the survey. Downloading your data as choice text will give you the text the participants clicked on, rather than a number associated with that option.

For example, in your survey you might ask “Are you willing to participate in this study?” and the answers might be “Yes” and “No”. If you download the numeric values, the data file might show a “1” for anyone who selected Yes and a “2” for anyone who selected No. If you download the choice text, the data file will show the actual text “Yes” and “No” instead.

How can I better understand the values I am seeing in my downloaded data file?
The first eleven columns in any downloaded data file contain basic survey respondent information (Response ID, IP Address, Recipient Name, etc.). Depending on the type of survey or what information is available, some of these columns may be empty or have differing values (e.g., if the Anonymous Link was used, there won’t be an email address).

Columns for scoring categories and Embedded Data fields follow next. Note that if an Embedded Data field is not set in the Survey Flow of the survey, it will not appear in the downloaded data.

Questions and their results come after that. Columns are headed with the question labels and the first few lines of the question text. Simple questions (Text Entry, Multiple Choice – Single Answer, etc.) will be contained in one column, but more complex questions (Matrix Table, Side by Side, etc.) will be broken across columns. Examine a question’s label and recode values to better navigate and understand these results.

The last three columns are geolocation information, the first two being latitude and longitude and the very last being accuracy. A “-1” means the coordinates were taken from the respondent’s IP address, and a positive value means the coordinates were taken from the GPS of the respondent’s device. In the latter instance, the value is an accuracy estimate (in meters).

Why is my contact list information not appearing in the downloaded data?
Only Embedded Data fields that are referenced in the Survey Flow are included in the downloaded data. Even if those Embedded Data fields are included in the contact list information, if they’re not also set in the Survey Flow, they won’t appear in the downloaded data.

To include Embedded Data fields in your downloaded data,

  1. Go to the Survey module.
  2. Click on Survey Flow.
  3. Click on Add a New Element Here.
  4. Choose Embedded Data.
  5. Enter in the desired Embedded Data field name exactly as it’s spelled/capitalized in the contact list (if it’s not exactly the same, it won’t work).
  6. Save the change and download your data again.

Note that if the contact list information you’re trying to download was not included in the contact list at the time the members took the survey, retroactively adding the Embedded Data fields to the Survey Flow will not add that information to the downloaded data later.

What do the different columns in my downloaded data mean (Status, Finished, External Data Reference)?
See our Understanding Your Dataset support page for a full explanation of all of the different possible columns in your data.
Can I import my own data into Qualtrics?
Yes, you can import your own data into Qualtrics as long as it is formatted correctly. See our Import Responses page to learn more.