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Add Mailing List Contacts


You can add new respondents to a mailing list by navigating to the Add List Members page in the Mailing Lists tab. Be sure to select the proper mailing list at the top.mainpage

Qtip: Before adding any new contacts, make sure that you are aware of your Deduplication criteria in Organization Settings. The settings on this page can be edited by your Brand Administrator and will determine how duplicate contacts across the organization are consolidated. You can see Deduplication criteria from the Add List Members page at any time by clicking on the Advanced Options button.

Add respondents from a CSV file

  1. Click “Import From a File.”
  2. Click “Browse” to select your CSV file.
  3. Once the file has loaded, click “Upload” to add the respondents to your mailing list.
Qtip: To see an example of how your CSV file should be formatted, download the Example Document. The first four columns are default fields and need to be formatted exactly as shown in the document below.
You can also create custom fields, called Embedded Data. These can house any additional information you’d like to store (i.e. city, state, or customer ID).

Add respondents to a mailing list from a survey

  1. Click “Import from a Survey.”
    Qtip: The “Import from a Survey” option essentially allows you to run a panel trigger retroactively. Panel triggers are setup within surveys in Research Suite and will add respondents to your mailing list based on survey responses. If you have a survey that is being used to recruit people for your mailing list, we highly recommend setting up a Panel Trigger in your survey before conducting the study.
  2. Choose to either “Create Contacts” or “Update Contacts.”
  3. If you choose to “Create Contacts,” you can decide whether you would like to link the survey response history to the respondents in Target Audience.
  4. Select the survey from which you would like to upload contacts.
  5. You can also specify a date range from which to pull respondents if you’d like.
  6. Fill out the relevant fields for your respondents by identifying where this information can be found in the relevant survey.

Qtip: You can also add Embedded Data to your respondents based on their survey responses by clicking “Add Additional Fields” at the bottom.

Add respondents manually

  1. Click “Add Manually.”
  2. Type in the email, first name and last name of the respondents you’d like to add.|
  3. Additional fields can be added by clicking the plus “+” button to the right of the table.
  4. Click “Save” to add the respondents to your mailing list.